There is great symbolism and purpose behind the values of the brand and by providing unique, limited-edition apparel, women are reminded to embrace their individuality and uniqueness.


Quality: Topaz strives to create the highest quality swimwear with impeccable finish and fit that will last for years to come with proper care

Unique: Topaz provides customers with exclusive pieces that are truly unique and special. Quality, long lasting and individual. Available exclusively online.

Luxury: At the foundation of the design process. Topaz works with suppliers to search for luxurious materials that enhance the exclusivity of the products offered to their customers. The magic of the brand comes from the signature attention to detail with every piece of the collection reflecting Topaz’s luxury quality and uniqueness.

Eco: Topaz believes in incorporating Sustainability wherever possible in their production process, balancing sustainability with quality, luxury and exclusivity. Which is why we contribute £1 of every purchase to Marine Conservation Society, use biodegradable packaging and are becoming a zero waste brand. 

Innovation: Topaz constantly strives to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. Always focusing on new innovation. Topaz doesn't like to seek out trends, we like to design what is right for us and what we think our consumer will love. 

Passion: It is the founders belief that we should be passionate about everything we do, from the simplest organisational task to the most delightful designs. Every piece of what we do comes together to make the brand a success. 


Topaz Swim