Bold. Elegant. Timeless.

Do you look for stylish swimwear pieces? Garments that prioritise longevity and quality over convenience and quantity? Topaz strives to create the highest quality swimwear pieces that our customers feel and look incredible in; these garments last years upon years, without the quality deteriorating.

Sparkle navy bikini

Topaz Swim- Capri Cupped Bikini (Navy Sparkle)

Where It Began Founder Natasha Griggs, created the brand after noticing a gap in the market for luxury, stylish and practical swimwear pieces. The mission has always been to redefine the swimwear market by creating unique designs made with premium fabrics in sustainable ways. Swimwear is a very personal thing, feeling sexy and beautiful isn't always easy for everyone, especially when wearing minimal clothing. Finding a bikini or a one piece that has been handcrafted with the finest fabrics and is extremely flattering was a rare find, hence Natasha creating Topaz- with the ambition of inspiring and to uplift women and their views of themselves

"I believe all women, no matter what shape or size, should feel sexy in swimwear. I wanted to create something that would empower all women and allow their confidence to shine" states the Cheltenham based designer and founder.

Topaz truly wants to set themselves apart from the crowd, creating innovative products in inspiring means, whereby every aspect of the brand has been well-crafted and thought out. Slow fashion is valued and rather than following trends, at Topaz we we create garments that you'll still love in 10 years time. The name alone has a back story. The stone Topaz, is a dispeller, strengthener crystal- in short, meaning that it soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, re-motivates and aligns the meridians of the body. It is known as the stone of love and good fortune. Which in a roundabout way, is what Topaz stands for. Natasha has always had an avid interest in crystals and naming a brand ,that she is truly passionate about, after the crystal that supplies people with joy- just felt fitting

white swimsuit

 Topaz Swim- Maya Plunge One-Piece Swimsuit

 How the Brand is Run

At Topaz the aim is to go above and beyond, to keep the brand catering to consumers needs. Whilst upholding their ethos of creating the boutique style swimwear, the brand thrives off of embracing certain morals: Quality: At the end of the day the products are the tangible part of the company, Topaz thrives off only manufacturing garments that they are proud of Eco: Sustainability is at the forefront of the design process. Whenever sustainability can be incorporated, it will. Topaz is a part of the slow fashion industry, meaning that each garment is created under careful consideration and is crafted under the notion of it being long lasting. Uniqueness: Available exclusively online, the individual garments are designed in a manner of careful consideration to detail. The garments are handcrafted to perfection, resulting in quality, longevity and individuality. Innovation: Topaz strives to redefine the standard of excellence, new innovation is critical within this process. Constantly on the hunt for unique and extraordinary ways to design, manufacture and market the pieces, Topaz strives for excellence. Luxury: The notion behind Topaz was to create a luxury brand that will empower women and the way they see themselves. The foundation behind the design process, is finding luxurious materials that enhance the products. Topaz is Topaz because of the quality and attention to detail behind each garment. Passion: This runs through the blood of the brand. Passion is placed within everything that happens and is the backbone of the company.

Topaz Swim- Cavoli Bikini (Sapphire)

What Sets us Aside From the Crowd?

Good quality VS Low quality swimwear isn't only about how the pieces fit on your body. Yes, the fit is unmatched between the two, the bespoke design work of high quality swimwear is always going to look and feel nicer on your body and it goes without saying that this is a major part of the process but at Topaz all aspects of high standard swimwear gets analysed in order to create the best garments.

The colour of Topaz's swim range doesn't budge.

Cheaper swimwear isn't chlorine resistant. If you've ever owned cheaper swimwear and worn it in a swimming pool consistently, you may have noticed that the colour fades and dulls- this annoyance doesn't happen with Topaz. The better the calibre of the fabrics, will ensure that no amount of chlorine within swimming pools will tarnish the appearance of the swimwear. The fit is more comfortable This isn't just in reference to the aesthetic and visual of the bikini but also the comfort aspect. Lower quality/value swimwear often will sag or fit poorly, causing discomfort or irritability. This doesn't happen with Topaz. Careful Consideration We work hard to source the most luxurious fabrics which are of the highest quality. Made to last and desirable to wear. We work very hard to source these luxurious fabrics by attending our annual visits to trade shows and being able to visualise all of our options. Topaz prides itself on producing desirable swimwear, with the best fabrics, garment construction and attention to detail. We can assure you that every aspect of each piece has undergone excruciating consideration. Each design is individually designed and unique to the brand Sustainability comes first At Topaz the 3 Rs are always at the forefront of everything we do- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Not only do we work extremely close with the manufacturing team to ensure each bikini is delicately handmade, but even the packaging is carefully considered too. The packing materials that your swimwear arrives in, are 100% biodegradable. The packaging is given another life after the purchase, allowing our customers to take the bags that their swimwear arrived in, and use it as a makeup bag etc afterwards! The packaging is the ultimate physical representation of our belief system. We may still not be quite perfect but we value our plant and are committed to contributing towards a better future Where Have You Seen Us Before? Taking our word for it is one thing, however our track record speaks for itself. We are very proud to have received such support from our consumers. You may have even spotted us before... Natalya Scudder- Below Deck wearing the Capri Cupped Bikini (Navy Sparkle) Below Deck Made In Chelsea Selling Sunsets Love Island Love in the Flesh Married At First Sight To name just a few