💕 Founder Reveals Big Project to help women post -Mastectomy surgery!

💕 Founder Reveals Big Project to help women post -Mastectomy surgery!

Topaz Swim, led by award winning business owner Natasha Griggs, Founder & Creative Director of independent start up company Topaz Luxe Ltd. Topaz Swim is a bespoke swimwear brand that launched during the pandemic. Natasha found that the current swimwear market was missing the niche of classic high quality swimwear at a competitive price. The company's mission is to create exclusive swimwear which promotes unique designs to a tailored fit. Natasha founded the brand from my bedroom, whilst working as a full time designer for three years.

The key features that separates Topaz  from all other competitors is its commitment to providing young women with an undeniable need for high quality, well-structured and sophisticated swimwear. The primary concern is ensuring that consumers are happy with the fit and style of their purchase.

Since Topaz Swim launched last year, they have been awarded best New Swimwear Brand of the Year by Central Prestige Awards 2021, the Klarna Small Business Award 2021 and 40 under 40 Entrepreneurs to watch this year. Natasha has also been put forward for the Gloucestershire Business awards, been a guest mentor at De Montfort university and has been invited to do seminar for womens investment about her journey.

There is a distinct lack of technical swimwear and prosthetics that are tailored for women recovering from a mastectomy, who still have an undeniable need to feel feminine and confident in their new bodies.The current swimwear market is very limited when it comes to finding a swimsuit that not only is going to fit a purpose,but make women feel confident when they are at their most vulnerable.  Instead of limiting consumers to survival friendly swimwear,Natasha seeks to bring to market a revolutionary new swimwear brand that meets the needs of millions of women worldwide recovering post surgery.

The name REFINE comes from the meaning of removing impurities and unwanted elements. Style, quality and functionality are three parts of the equation when it comes to our innovation. We will focus on creating high quality, flattering fits that will honour unique breast surgeries and shapes, while luxurious UPF 50 fabrics help keep your sun sensitive skin safe from UVB rays .Keeping our strong brand values in mind throughout.

This project is extremely innovative when it comes to our sector and niche,this entirely new product will change the way women feel in their new bodies and have a positive impact on mental health whilst making a difference. Natasha hopes to connect with leading connections in the world that will play a huge part in the development of innovative swimwear and high quality forms that cannot be obtained anywhere else. 

Topaz Swim REFINE is solving a problem in the market where the number of mastectomies are outweighed by the lack of options that are on offer for post surgery consumers. When it comes to swimsuits,we all deserve something beautiful,comfortable,and made for us. Natasha wants to make a difference in the fashion industry, support women and build a brand she is proud of. The aim is to become the leading brand for mastectomy swimwear & prosthetic forms and support leading charities to continue to improve societal challenges within the industry,this includes improving mental health and self esteem.The winning combination of the innovative idea,the ambitious business strategy and the talented role model at the helm,has the potential to increase UK jobs for young designers and economic growth and to position the UK as a global market leader in  his neglected health sector.

We recognise that not all breasts are [re]created equal.It's not just about a woman's body,it is about their story.No matter what stage of their journey they are on, we will offer women a swimsuit that they can feel confident in.Topaz Swim is designed differently,direct to consumer.It is important for the fashion industry to recognise the importance of providing environmental conductive apparel that can adequately conceal scars and meet image enhancement needs.

As a director Natasha  has never been more ready to pursue this project.Product development is something she is deeply passionate about and making a difference in society and the industry is something she will be extremely proud of.

The Women's Innovation Award which Natasha is pursuing to pitch again this year will  add value to Topaz Swim as a company. It will also build a huge amount of recognition and awareness to myself as a young woman in business who is setting out to lead the swimwear industry,not just in the UK,but to the global market.

This funding and award will give the opportunity to pursue this idea to pitch on
kickstarter, seek investment funding and grow the brand presence in the current market.There is a gap for an innovative independently driven swimwear brand that is injecting creativity and awareness into the fashion Sector.

It will also give Natasha the opportunity to work with leading suppliers,
manufacturers,investors, charities and women who have experienced a mastectomy and spread so much awareness. 
If you have had a mastectomy or know someone that has, please fill out my survey below. 
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